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    Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus

    Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus- Main Site
    (Our Lady of Angels Delegation)

    Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus - CMSWR

    Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus - IRL, which contains only an address.  I don't know why the blanks have never been filled out.  Never mind - you can fill them in admirably from their site, CMSWR, and even here.

    Founded 1879 (1961 in US); Active

     Locations:  New Jersey, Virginia, and internationally (including Libya - I'm not sure how one functions in overwhelmingly Islamic countries.  It is illegal in many of them to convert).

    "We strive to give especially to those little ones wounded by family and social situations the tools to rise up and face life with a sense of joy and dignity. For this reason, within the social context of the USA, we are ready to meet the needs of children through education and personal formation and to provide all persons with the means of spiritual and cultural progress. We hope to assist the laity in maturing in the Faith so that they may be enriched with Gospel values in a society which runs the risk of forgetting the values of the Spirit."

     "By our prayerful fraternal life, we give witness to the deep meaning of a life of consecration-mission within the Church in the United States, where often times Religious Sisters are living alone and do not live a community life."

    "Within the educational field, the sisters serve as Principals of schools, as Teachers, as Counselors to students who are hurting or suffering as a result of social situations within society and within their families, and as 1 to 1 assistants to students with special needs. Sisters also serve as Directors of Parish Religious Education Programs and youth ministry programs."

    Their emblem.

    Extensive missions, their newest is I think in Camaroon, est. 2000.

    They offer hospitality to groups meeting in their Delegation House, and formative activities with their lay group.  If you go to their main site, look under "Accommodations" and there are two pdf files which I can't seem to link to.  But you'll see they offer desert and hermitage and many other types of spiritual retreats.  If you are in the surrounding area (New Jersey) this might be the opportunity you are looking for.  Retreat-wise. 

    "The goal of our fraternal life is to find and experience God together through common prayer, community meals and gatherings, and our shared apostolic mission."

    Spirituality:  Franciscan; Devotion to Mary; Traditional Franciscan Habit

    Devotions:  Divine Office in common; Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; Days of recollection, Annual retreats, an intense sacramental life.

    Apostolates:  Missions (on almost every continent); Education (teaching, administration, special needs children); Youth ministry; Catechists for adults and children; Hispanic ministry; Visitation to the homebound; Health care; Pastoral care and social services

    # of professed:  Around 20, perhaps (in US)

    Ages upon entrance: 20-35
    Belated vocations:  No

    Sr. Jerilyn Einstein, F.M.I.J.
    1215 Kresson Rd
    Cherry Hill, NJ
    856-428-8834 or 356-428-7930

    Email:  FranciscanMissionarySisters
    I don't think this email works.  Try the contact form below.

    Vocation Contact Form

    Their vocation brochure.

    Check this out:
    • Flicker - their chapel in Cherry Hill
    • They are musical - I don't have absolute proof, but they sit around playing musical instruments.  I'd say that represents something, hm?
    • Sr. Dianna - who is able to ride the backseat on a "rabid" motorcycle with her habit neatly in place.  Go Sister!
    • The Prayers of St. Francis
    • Celebrating 50 Years in the US, the Catholic Star Herald
    • Growth and building (including the statue you can see at Flickr above), Philly.com
    Here follows two videos I put in this post via blogger (except they say YouTube, but don't link to YouTube).  Where did I get them?  I don't know.  After I post it, I'll see if I can provide some textual context.  ?

    A big HA!  What a delightful video -- I think an overview of (perhaps) some South American missions/communities - oversize rivers (and mud), dancing (or trying to), and most assuredly love. In Spanish.  Or Portuguese. Psalm 149:3 -- Let them praise his name in the dance; let them sing psalms unto him with the tambour and harp.


    Another non-English language video.  You won't care a bit.  Love, joy, and more love and joy. 


    You can see them talked about on PhatMass - people asking "who are they", "they look like a good community",  "anyone know about them"?  Things may have been too quiet, and perhaps we need to spread the word.

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    The Abduction of Nuns in Syria

    My readers -- I never report current news like this, but I must make an exception.  Please, let us all pray for the safe release, and well as proper treatment of these Religious, and the orphans they care for.

    I believe they are Greek Orthodox Nuns.

    Father, preserve the innocence and lives of these women who have given their lives to serve you, and especially for children caught in this terrible conflict.  Holy Spirit, help them to lean upon the your unwavering love in these most adverse of circumstances.  Stay the hands of evil men.

    In the Name of Jesus, the Christ, our Savior,

    Thanks to Terry for the information, however terrible it is.

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    Franciscan Daughters of Mary

     Franciscan Daughters of Mary -- Main Site

    Franciscan Daughters of Mary -- CMSWR

    Founded 1997 and Canonically erected as a Public Association in 2006

    Location:  Kentucky

    We firmly believe in and follow the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and show respect and obedience to the Holy Father in Rome.

    We uphold the dignity of all human life from the moment of conception until natural death. We do this by giving to each person the same love we receive from Jesus Christ. We provide all of our services free of cost to the one in need.

    Every part of their habit has significance.  Mother states:  "We are often asked why we wear a habit.  The answer is:  We choose to!  “For us, as Franciscans, it’s very much to do with being a light in a world of darkness… the habit is the external witness of conversion.”

     They have a special place in their heart and ministry for Our Lady of Guadalupe
    Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mystical Rose,
    make intercession for the Holy Church,
    protect the Sovereign Pontiff,
    help all those who invoke thee in their necessities,
    and since thou art the ever Virgin Mary, and Mother of the True God,
    obtain for us from thy most holy Son the grace of keeping our faith,
    of sweet hope in the midst of the bitterness of life,
    of burning charity,
    and the precious gift of final perseverance.

    Not surprisingly, their Novices are consecrated to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    We strive to achieve Christian perfection by following the example of St. Francis of Assisi by:

    ~Living a life based on deep spiritual communion with Jesus Christ

    ~Observing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with an undivided heart

    ~Devoting our lives to the service of the Lord and his people, particularly by upholding the dignity of all human life from the moment of conception until natural death

    ~Acknowledging the manifest goodness of God by recognizing the value of each human person, who, made in His Image and Likeness, is called to be His true son/daughter
     ~Praying for priests - who are the life-blood of our Church - and showing obedience and reverence to the teachings of our Holy Roman Pontiff, the Holy Catholic Church, the Magisterium and our Local Ordinary

    Picture below right: Sister Catherine Mary takes her new name in Christ.

    Spirituality: Franciscan, Our Lady of Guadalupe

    Devotions: Eucharistic Adoration (daily), Divine Office (Matins, Lauds, Sext, Vespers, Compline, all in community), Rosary (daily), Mercy Chaplet (daily), Prayer (in community and privately), Prayer - for priests with holy hours, and offerings of service for specific priests, Fasting, Sacrament of Reconciliation (weekly), Spiritual reading, Angelus, Solemn Silence; Full Habit

    Apostolates: Human Life, Crisis Pregnancy Center, also various works of mercy to the poor, handicapped, homeless, elderly, families in need

    Ages upon entrance: 20-45
    Belated vocations?: No

    # of professed sisters:  Around 10 or so?

    Franciscan Daughters of Mary
    P.O. Box 122070
    Covington, KY 41012-2070

    Below:  Yes!  A picture with dogs.  You know my obsessions.


    Check this out:

    A Pro-life video by the Franciscan Daughters of Mary. You'll enjoy it!

    The vow of poverty:

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    Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy

     Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy-- Main US website

    Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy -- International website in English

    Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy -- CMSWR

    Sister Faustina's congregation, which should be familiar to many of you. If you don't know the Divine Mercy Chaplet it is easily found all over the web. I started praying it because one of my fellow bloggers recommended it.

    Location: Boston, Massachusetts and internationally

    "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy..."

    Founded 1862, Active

    The basis for their spirituality:
    • To cooperate with the Mercy of God in the work of rescuing of lost souls.
    • Coming to know the Mystery of Divine Mercy and its contemplation in everyday life
    • The attitude of trusting in God and showing mercy toward neighbor
    • Love for the Church and the charism of shedding light on the Mystery of Divine Mercy 
    • Love for the Eucharist
    • Devotion to Our Lady of Mercy

    "Mercy has always been the central theme of the congregation's spirituality. From the very beginnings the sisters cooperated with God's mercy in saving lost souls by extending spiritual and educational care to wayward girls and women in need of deep moral conversion and renewal. These women found a refuge and safe haven in our "Mercy Houses" where they could reform their lives and learn various trade skills. They could stay in the Mercy House as long as they wished or reintegrate themselves into society whenever they felt ready to do so."

    In addition to their other ministries, they engage in prayer and sacrifice using the new forms of devotion to Divine Mercy:
      •      Feast of Mercy
      •      The Image of the Divine Mercy
      •      The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy
      •      The Hour of Mercy – 3:00 p.m.
      •      The Spreading of the Divine Mercy devotion
      •      Daily Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament
      •      Monthly Masses in Honor of the Divine Mercy
    Our devotion to Our Lady of Mercy does not only consist in prayer but first and foremost imitation of Mary.  We actively participate in carrying out Saint Faustina's mission by spreading the devotion to the Divine Mercy, by proclaiming the message of the infinite mercy of God, and by imploring Divine Mercy for the entire world. The Merciful Jesus has entrusted this great mission of mercy, to our spiritual co-foundress and sister, Saint Faustina, who is to prepare humanity for His second coming

    Devotions: Eucharistic Adoration daily, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Hour of Mercy; Feast of Mercy

    Spirituality: Mary, Mother of Mercy; Traditional Habit

    Apostolates (in the United States): Work with men and women in prison; Provide prayer and consolation to those in nursing homes; Evangelization/Catechisis; Media

    # Professed Sisters: 8 in USA; they do have others in formation in the United States; internationally they are numerous

    Age of Entrance: 18-35
    Belated Vocations?:  No

    Contact: Sister Donata Farbaniec, O.L.M.
    The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy
    241 Neponset Ave.
    Dorchester, MA 02122
    (617) 288-5323

    E-Mail: Sisters of Mercy

    Check this out: They offer a number of books, audio material, and so forth at their gift shop. I could not get there by the link on their first page, but this link will take you there. All proceeds go to support the Sisters in Boston.

    The Hour of Mercy explained (I hope it is explained correctly)

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    Visitation of Holy Mary of Toledo

    Visitation of Holy Mary of Toledo-- Main Site

    Visitation of Holy Mary of Toledo -- IRL

    Founded 1610, came to Toledo in 1915; Cloistered

    Location:  Toledo, Ohio
    Requested to relocate at the request of the Bishop, “the sisters should remain upon the mountain-top in prayer and sacrifice pleading for the salvation of souls, particularly those of the diocese, clergy, religious and laity.”

    “The Religious of the Visitation, who are so happy as to observe their rules faithfully, may truly bear the name of Daughters of the Gospel, established especially to be imitators of the Sacred Heart of the Word Incarnate in His gentleness and humility. These virtues are, as it were, the foundation and basis of their Order, giving them the incomparable grace and privilege of bearing the title of Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.” (St. Jane de Chantal)

    Whatever we are asked to do — cook, sew, garden, clean — we seek to “offer our work as a living prayer as did the Virgin Mary in her home in Nazareth.”

    This is the Visitation Coat of Arms, at left.

    Mother Superior:  "the Monastery, which has the privilege of papal enclosure, is a trysting place – the place where God and I meet….It’s the garden enclosed where we can be with the Beloved, and be attentive to Him.”  (Vocation Blog)

    Contemplatives in the Church through their union with God and their form of community life, they seek within the seclusion of the cloister to develop the bond of charity in and among themselves. Let nothing separate them from the heavenly Spouse who has united them together, nor from that union which can keep them united with Himself; so that having all but one heart and one soul, He Himself may be their only soul and heart.

    Photo: A Nun professes solemn vows.

    We do allow young girls and women who feel they may have a vocation to our way of life, to come and make a retreat within the enclosure. The retreatant lives in the Novitiate Dormitory and follows the novitiate schedule of prayer, study, work and recreation with the novitiate sisters.

    Apostolate: Prayer

    Spirituality: St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal, Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Devotions: Traditional Habit; Divine Office (sung in choir); Spiritual reading (1/2 hour daily); Mental prayer (1 1/2 hour daily); Silence except in recreation; First Friday devotions; others

    Ages upon entrance: 18 - 50
    Belated vocations? No upper limit - it is at their own discretion, as they must balance the needs of the community

    # professed nuns: 21 (three made solemn professions in 2013, and there are three in formation)

    Vocation Directress
    Monastery of the Visitation
    1745 Parkside Blvd.
    Toledo, Ohio 43607-1599

    Email:  Visitation Nuns
    Check this out:
    • Catholic Chronicle:   Visitation Sisters with a wonderful short video that I can't copy!  Go there to see it.
    • Facebook -- It is used "as a means of reevangelization--putting out into the deep--as well as making Salesian spirituality known. The page belongs to the Sacred Heart, His Mother and our Saints and it is up to them to write the page."  I would think you've never heard a Facebook page described thusly!

    On Real to Reel:

    The Nuns go on a pilgrimmage

    Updated 11/23/13
    They definitely have a dog.  No picture that I can find, though.  I call the Visitation Nuns "Sisters" about half the time.  Because.. just because.

    Daughters of Divine Love Congregation

     Daughters of Divine Love Congregation-- Main Site (actually, this is a development site), and I'm not sure they will have an English language website.  Or, their anticipated website link has been hijacked, because it comes up in another language.  The above link is good, though. 

    Daughters of Divine Love (CMSWR)

    Daughters of Divine Love (National Black Catholic Congress)

    Daughters of Divine Love (UK website)

    Founded 1969, Active
    A Pontifical Order

    Locations:  New York, Louisiana, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Oregon, Washington DC, and internationally in fourteen countries.

    The Love of Christ Urges Us On

    Love of Christ therefore is our motive and distinguishing mark.

     "We, the Daughters of Divine Love, an international congregation of religious women, impelled by the Gospel of Christ and the spirit of our founder are called to a courageous loving response to Divine Love Incarnate in contemplation, harmonious community living and apostolic action made visible in selfless liberating service to the entire creation."

    Jesus I love you. I want to love you daily more and more.
    Fill me with your love.
    Soak me in your love.
    Permeated and transformed by your love, may I radiate your love,
    Diffuse your love and enkindle in others the fire of your love.
    Mother of Divine Love, teach us how to love
     Our habit is comprised of white and blue materials – the colors of our Lady. We are called the “Blue Sisters”.

    We thank God for the wonderful works He enables the Daughters to do, for they are not lacking in feeding the hungry; educating the poor; healing the sick; counseling the afflicted; visiting and evangelizing the needy and unchurched; giving voice to the voiceless; caring for the homeless, the abandoned and the lonely; and empowering the marginalized of our societies.

    Spirituality:  Sacred Heart of Jesus; the Holy Spirit; the Infinite love of God;  the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Divine Love

    Devotions:  Unknown

    Apostolates: Rehabilitation (substance addiction); Healthcare; Education; Retreats; Evangelization; Catechesis; Childcare (developmentally and physically disabled); Prison and home visitation

    # Professed sisters: 900+ worldwide
    Entrance ages: 18+

    Daughters of Divine Love
    2601 North Sayre Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60707 


    Email:  Daughters of Divine Love 

    Check this out:
    Sisters in Nigeria singing, "Thank You Lord!"

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    The Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows

    The Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows-- Main Site

    The Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows -- CMSWR

    Founded 1839:  Contemplative/Active
    Locations:  Many cities in Louisiana, and internationally

    Contemplatives in apostolic action, their motto states “to burn and to light";
    we burn in order to give light to others.

    They are "one big family striving for holiness together,  totally consecrated to Jesus Crucified."

    On Religious life:
    The road to heaven, from whatever path you begin, is never lined with roses, but the grace of religious life is that it enables us to love the thorns to the point that where we crown ourselves with them.
    Blessed Mother Elisabetta, Founder

    May Mary our most sorrowful mother, virgin of fidelity and hope, contemplated by Mother Elisabetta, guide and sustain us that we continue to profess our hope in the crucified and risen Lord.

     The characteristics of their charism include:
    •     The acceptance of the cross
    •     Love of the Eucharist
    •     Our Lady of Sorrows’ spiritual life and mission.
    •     Love of evangelization, catechesis and education
    •     Abandonment to Providence
    •     Intense union with God in prayer
    •     Union and communion with the other sisters
    •     A spirit of service in charity and humility, simplicity,
          cordiality, joy in duty, gladness of spirit, and love leading to sacrifice
    6:00 am Morning Offering
    7:00 am Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
    7:30 am Breakfast
    8:00 am – 4:00 pm Apostolate
    5:00 pm Evening Prayer
    6:00 pm Dinner
    7:30 pm Community Recreation
    8:00 pm Spiritual Reading
    9:00 pm Compline (Divine Office)
    Weekly Community Prayers

    Spirituality:  Our Lady of Sorrows; Christ, His Passion and Crucifixion

    Devotions:  Divine Office in common; Rosary daily; Meditation, one hour daily, particularly on the Passion and death of Christ; Monthly day of recollection; Annual retreat for renewal; Way of the Cross each Friday; Meditation on Our Lady of Sorrows each Saturday; Novenas and Litanies (see below to locate specific prayers); Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament daily

    Apostolates:  A preferential love for those with developmental disabilities, and their education in life and social skills; Education of children that "they may seek a vision of the world in accord with the Gospel"; Religious education ("there is no vacation from catechisis");  Promoting devotions to Our Lady of Sorrows; to Christ Crucified, the Eucharist, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    Ages upon Entrance:  I thought I'd found this, and had it in the draft I lost -- yes, I'm sure that's impossible.  I often do the impossible.  Anyway, hopefully Sr. Fatima will give me some direction on age range.

    Sister Fatima, OLS
    Our Lady of Wisdom Convent
    231 General Gardner Ave
    Lafayette, LA 70501

    Vocation email:  Our Lady of Sorrows

    Vocation Retreats are held, although individual visits are also possible.
    The Sisters also offer retreats that are not of a vocational nature. 

    Check this out:

    They help staff Our Lady of Wisdom Parish (the Ragin' Cajun Catholics) -- a college ministry in Lafayette, Louisiana.


    The Sisters on Vimeo

    Novenas:  to Our Lady of Sorrows; to the Immaculate Conception; to the Sacred Heart of Jesus; Christmas; Pentecost

    Litanies:  Litany of Our Lady of Sorrows; Litany of St. Joseph; Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Litany of the Holy Spirit; Litany of the Most Precious Blood

    Many other links to the writings of various Popes, as well as other documents pertaining to Our Lady, Religious life, etc.  See Resources.

    Flickr - gorgeous photos of cathedrals. really fun and funny photos of the Sisters and LOTS of young men and women.  

    Wonderful video - sharing is disabled so just click over to Vimeo.
    From Coriano Toward the World

    Personal Notes:  The Ragin' Cajun Catholics - I do so love that.  I'm going to engage in some silent mirth everytime I think about that today.  

    Yes, these Sisters do have a convent almost right down the street from where I live (well, some miles).  Still, they are close.  And I've taken five years to write about them.  If I knew why, I would tell you.

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    Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus-- Main Site
    Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus -- CMSWR

    Founded 1894/Active

    Locations:  Connecticut, Florida, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and internationally

    The Love Of Christ Impels Us

    "Mother Clelia (their founder) wanted her daughters to be like the first Apostles, to be animated by the same apostolic fervor and strengthened by their consecration to Christ, to bring to all they would encounter in their ministries:"

    * the message of salvation
    * faith in the love of God who became man to save us
    * the hope of eternal life
    * the witness of charity in their own lives.

    Their founder's spirituality, bequeathed to her daughters, "was rooted in contemplation of the Paschal Mystery, symbolized by the pierced Heart, mystery of life and death, sign of love and salvation. It took form in an ardent search for God and for souls, in a constant desire to transcend self in order to conform to Christ even to the total sacrifice of self. It manifested itself in an unquenchable fire of love and zeal to make the Heart of Jesus known and loved."

    Prayer, community, and ministry form their day.  Their intense communal and private prayer lives leads to their life of service.  Supporting one another in the rigors of Religious life, they say, "where two Apostles gather, all the Apostles are present."

    Spirituality: Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Devotions: Divine Office (Morning, Evening, Night); Eucharistic Adoration; Meditation, Rosary daily, Spiritual reading, Holy Hour weekly, Private prayer, Monthly day of recollection, Yearly retreat; Prayers proper to their congregation

    Apostolates:  Catholic Education (primary); Healthcare (Direct and pastoral care in many healthcare settings, Nursing education, Health and nutrition education);  Social Services  (Rest homes, Infant centers); Immigration Services; Prison Ministry; Retreat Ministry;   Missionary activity

     Professed Members: @134

    Age upon entrance: 18-39
    Belated vocations: Yes


    Sr. Colleen Therese Smith ASCJ
    Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus            
    800 Montebello Camp Road
    Imperial, MO  63052

    Vocations email:  Apostles of the Sacred Heart 

    Discernment retreats in several states at different dates - 2013 and 2014:   Retreats.
    Discernment opportunities are also very frequent in St. Louis (MO)

    Check this out:
     A video showing a group growing through formation (a Holy Spirit Production!)

    A VERY old post, revised 11/21/13


    Website progress and Misc.