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The Cloisterites

The Cloisterite Family

Founded:  2003

Locations:  Not settled yet.

Going to do my best with this; not sure that will be good enough.

The Cloisterite Family is an emerging group of religious communities of various kinds, and is based in the Secular Reparatrices of Our Lady of the Cloister (the Lay Cloisterites), a private association of the faithful. The Lay Cloisterites live the Cloisterite Charism in a lay setting.

There are various expressions of their charism. Like the Carthusians, each Cloisterite is responsible for discerning the spirituality which will take them to God (e.g. Carmelite; Benedictine; Passionist; Dominican, etc.). If one is drawn to the Cloisterites, but is also drawn strongly to another spirituality, the latter indicates the path one is to take while living the Cloisterite charism.

These are the various expressions of their Religious family:

1. Secular Reparatrices of Our Lady of the Cloister (Lay Cloisterites): Founded in 2008, the Lay Cloisterites live the Cloisterite Charism in a lay setting. They are free to follow whichever branch works for their state-in-life, be it eremitic, cenobitic, or contemplative-active.  The Lay Cloisterites have their own statutes and distinctive garb.

2.  Eremetic:  Founded 2008.  Reparatrix Anchoresses Anchorites of Our Lady of the Cloister (Cloisterite hermits). The eremitic Cloisterite spirituality is Carthusian and Columban. In the eremitic expression, like the Carthusians, each Cloisterite is responsible for discerning the spirituality which will take them to God (e.g. Carmelite; Benedictine; Passionist; Dominican, etc.). If one is drawn to the Cloisterite Hermits, but is also drawn strongly to another spirituality, the latter indicates the path one is to take while living our eremitical way of life.  We are looking to the future in establishing a novitiate, which is required before applying for canonical recognition. Since we are a lay association at this juncture, we are permitted distinctive garb. Persons desirous of canon 603 consecration as a diocesan hermit, with our spirituality, will be asked to participate somewhat in our novitiate and include our light blue and white in their habit, if one is worn. After consecration, a "letter of kinship" will be issued by the Cloisterites.

3. Cenobitic (those in community): Mary, Star of the Sea Contemplatives. The cenobitic Cloisterite spirituality is Salesian, Dominican, and Carmelite. If no other candidates come forward, the cenobium will be estabished in May 2020.

4. Contemplative - Active Daughters of Our Lady of the Cenacle. They will be Ignatian in spirituality. This is a BETTY order associated with the Cloisterites. A BETTY order is one specifically for older people. Due to this, the formation program is the minimum allowed by canon law. The other communities may not have the same length of a formation program.

5. Contemplative/Active Third Order Regular of St. Dominic, Congregation of Our Lady of the Cloister. The apostolate will primarily be teaching, but also going into churches and schools to talk about the cloistered life.

Aspirants to all branches must become Lay Cloisterites first. Since we are a vocational charism, we have, out of necessity, instituted a vestibular stage for our discernment program. We want you in the right place.

The fourth vow of all members of the Cloisterites is to support and pray for cloistered life and vocations (and may include writing the code for websites.

The life of a Reparatrix is two-fold in character: by turns it is occupied (1) with God in prayer and praise, and (2) with the neighbor in self-devoting apostolic work; whether that is prayer or good works.

There are 7 tenets, followed by all:
  • Reparation guided by daily dedications
  • The cloisters and their vocations
  • Emerging charisms and their vocations
  • Cloister Outreach and its mission(Cloister Outreach)
  • CONF and its initiatives
  • The New Evangelization
  • Active religious and priestly vocations

Left: Blessed Emilie provides the inspiration for this Religious community:

If we suffer from the cold or from excessive heat, we should endure it in reparation for all the luxurious means employed by people in the world to avoid such discomfort.

Mass should be heard with the greatest possible recollection in reparation for the lack of respect shown by thousands of persons who come to Mass only to be seen.

Communion should be received with all the love, faith and purity possible in reparation for sacrilegious communions. Confessions should be made in the same spirit.

The Blessed Sacrament should be adored to compensate for the insults offered it and for disbelief in the Real Presence--and so for the rest. Reparation each moment of the day and the night, by each pulsation of the heart, by every breath, by each aspiration of the soul, by every movement of the lips. Affectionate compensation made to the Heart of Jesus for all the shameful deeds of men--what a vocation! What glory! What great love and what great merit!

Marie de L'agnus Dei, pages 128-129 (Marie of the Lamb of God)

A daily schedule for the Lay Cloisterites and eremites would include Mass, if possible, the Divine Office, rosary, meditation, and good works -- all for the sake of making reparation, and the prayer of Daily Duty. There is distinctive garb. Canonical or vowed eremites would be bound to pray the Divine Office.

The "general" schedule for the eremites and cenobites is as follows, with contemplative/active Cloisterites following an horarium more conducive to their way of life, and others (such as Lay Cloisterites or vowed eremitics-in-dispersion) following a modified version that fits their lifestyle.

5:30 am Rise
6:00 Angelus; Meditation in oratory
7:00 Extraordinary Form of the Latin Rite (where available), followed by Matins
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Work/Novitiate classes (smaller offices prayed at workstations)
12:00 Angelus in refectory; lunch
1:00 pm Recreation for 30 minutes
1:30 Siesta for 30 minutes
2:00 Work
3:00 Recognition of the Divine Mercy; light collation
5:00 Vespers, then Supper
6:00 Angelus at beginning of recreation; Recreation
7:00 Compline, followed by Salve Procession
8:00 Great silence after Salve Procession; free time
8:30 Retire; nocturnal adorations begin
10:00 Lights out
Ages upon entrance: 18 +; hermits usually 35+

Spirituality: Mother Mary of Jesus (Blessed Emelie), Carthusian

Devotions:  Varies, but could include the Tridentine Mass; Habit (traditional to the expression); Angelus;  Grand Silence ; Divine Office; Spiritual and Corporeal good works; daily Rosary; Divine Mercy Chaplet; Eucharistic Adoration and Reparation

Apostolate:  Pray for and promote cloistered religious life 

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Very nice prayer resources including the Little Office of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Latin/English) - I had not seen this before (oh you may be shocked - I haven't seen a great many things).

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