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Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa

Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa

Founded 2011; Active
Location: California
To Jesus, my heart, my all, forever 

"We are joyfully devoted to evangelization according to the traditions, spirit and teachings of the Catholic Church."

They describe themselves as Ecclesial, (out of the heart of the Church), Eucharistic (the heart of our religious life), and Marian (St. Louis Marie de Montfort).

"We resolve that all who encounter us in community see us as the Amici Dei, the friends of God - and therefore they do all things as a community."  Including eating yogurt occasionally, something I enjoy doing also (and did today). 

They celebrate Holy Mass in both the Extraordinary and Ordinary Form.  " In this way we endeavor to live the fullness of the liturgical life of the Church."

Right: They wear both the Rosary and the Miraculous Medal.

"We wear the full blue and white religious habit as a witness of our total consecration to Jesus through Mary."

According to their website, their missional activities are:

Teaching visits to Catholic Schools, both High School and Elementary;
Marian Sodality Program for Youth;
Guest speaking at retreats, days of prayer and youth group gatherings;
Chant and Sacred Music classes;
Participation in Legatus, Culture of Life and other Catholic programs;
Associate work in the Diocesan Office of Catholic Schools.

"We ask Our Lady to share with us her love which enables us to offer our lives every day for Christ, and to cooperate with Him in the salvation of the world."

5:30     Eucharistic Holy Hour offered for Priests: Angelus, Lauds chanted, Marian Consecration, mental prayer
6:45     Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
7:40     Breakfast with reading or recording
8:15     Apostolate or daily duties
Noon    Angelus, visit the Blessed Sacrament (particular examination of conscience), Rosary, Lunch
4:00     Recreation  (outdoors when possible)
5:00     Vespers Chanted; Spiritual Reading/Lectio Divina
5:45     Finish dinner preparation, Angelus, Dinner with Reading/conversation, Choir practice (as needed)
7:30     Compline chanted, Personal Time: quiet prayer, spiritual reading, study
9:00     Grand Silence   "I to my Beloved and my Beloved to me!"
10:00    Lights out

Spirituality:  Marian (I'm sure I need to put something else/more here, but my neurons are firing very slowly right this second) -

Devotions: Mass in both forms; Holy Hour daily, esp. for priests and reparation; 3 hours of prayer using the Divine Office; spiritual reading and lectio divinia; mental prayer; Angelus

Apostolates: Spiritual formation and education of youth; prayer and sacrifice for priests; presentations and retreat talks for parishes and school; Sacred Music; School administration at the diocesan level;

Ages upon entrance:  18-35
Belated vocations?:  It is possible.  Check with them.

# of professed: 4, with 1 postulant as of 8/14/12.  My last report (not from them) in 2013 is several in formation now.

Mother Teresa Christe MSSR
Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa
PO Box 1297
Santa Rosa CA
Email:  MarianSisters

Check out:

Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa - Facebook - provides a broader look at their activities.
Also, a singing video on Facebook - wow!  They sing beautifully.

I've never done this before, but it's so beautiful!  This is an ad on Ignatius Insight for the Marian Sisters.

This, that, and the other on PhatMass, Vocation Station forums (you do check there occasionally don't you?)  Phat - Peaching Holy Apostolic Truth.  For the young.  Young at heart.  Millions of pages of forums on vocations (really, I haven't counted them).  What does this have to do with this community in particular - nothing.  I just needed a place to mention it.

BBQ with the Marian Sisters from Vocation Blog

Above:  Recreation.  Exercise.  Sunshine.  Yes!!  "We draw strength from each others company as we enjoy a true sisterhood rooted in Christ and consecrated to Our Lady."
Found today on their fb page:  their dog (puppy)!  I never fail to post an animal picture if I can find one:

Of course he is wearing blue.

Thanks to Katie for making me aware of this community.

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