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Congregation of the Divine Spirit

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An American Congregation, founded 1956; in a long work toward their current status, in 1972, forty Sisters pronounced perpetual vows and seven Sisters pronounced temporary vows.  That must have been a glorious day.

Active (I think).

The special object of the Congregation of the Divine Spirit is the active cooperation of its members in the propagation of the Catholic Faith. They fit well in this blog.  The Sisters always wear their habit as a sign of their consecrated life.  They are faithful to the Magisterium.

"The Congregation takes its name from the Divine Spirit to signify that the communion of love with God in Christ requires its members to have the greatest docility to Him, Who is the Spirit of Life. They regard the Blessed Virgin Mary as a wondrous model of docility to the Divine Spirit, under Whose guidance “she devoted herself entirely to the mystery of man’s redemption” (Presbyterorum Ordinis 18)."
 Consecrated Life

A very interesting website - unusual in some little ways - Soundbites, and Thoughts for the Day.  Here are two:
Saint Bernard wrote regarding devotion to Mary:
Following her, you will never go astray;
praying to her, you will not despair;
attaching yourself to her, you will not fail.

St. Bernard cont...
If Mary protects you, you need fear nothing;
under her standard, you will not grow weary.
Thanks to her mercy, you will arrive in port
. . . . thus will her beautiful name be fulfilled in you.

 Left:  Their Nursing Home, the House of Loretto.

"As Religious we strive to take God so seriously that everything else can be taken lightheartedly." I could get to really, really like these Sisters. 

"The Sisters all foster devotion to Our Lady, Queen of the Religious Life, Daughter of the Father, Mother of the Son, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, our Queen, our Mother and our Advocate."

I don't know what their condition is in terms of postulants or novices, but they are forging ahead.  "This year our Community has begun a new ministry at another St. James School  in Waynesburg,  Ohio.  Sister Clara, Sister Marianne and Sister Diane teach religion and Sister Judith who drives the Sisters tutors some of their students. - One child said 'The Church is awesome!' and another told one of the Sisters that 'Religion is my favorite subject.'"

It's one of my favorite subjects, too. 

Spirituality: Very Marian!  That's why (until I can get some other pictures) there are more images of Mary on this post than most.  I'll try to find more of the Sisters.  

Devotions:  Meditation; Divine Office; Rosary;  Stations of the Cross; Spiritual reading; visits to the Blessed Sacrament; Day of Recollection (monthly); Holy Hour - communal - weekly

Apostolates: Ministry to the Christian family via Education - Catholic; Care for the Elderly; Childcare; Evangelization/Catechisis

Locations:  Pennsylvania, Ohio, perhaps other states.  Will attempt to find out.  Their Loreto nursing home is in Ohio. 

Ages upon entrance:  18-30

Belated vocations?: Yes

# of professed Sisters: 27

Email at Contact Us

Write or call:

(according to CMSWR)
Mother Patricia O'Connor
409 West Sixth Street, Erie, PA  16507
Phone: 814-455-3590
Fax: 814-454-8899

(according to IRL)
711 E. Grandview Blvd.
Erie, PA 16504

I will try to find out which one is right. The email contact is correct.

I was not sure what would be appropriate pictures from this order - I try (as of the last year or so), not to include pictures of Sisters with their pupils or patients etc., as they may well not wish to have their picture permanently on the web.  However, if I can get in touch with them, I will add some.  Their downloadable widget is impressive, isn't it?  See the menu on it for options.

Oh no!  Just noticed Sisters walking dogs on their widget!  And not a mention of it, in the body of this post.  I AM falling behind.

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