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Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart

Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart - Main Site
Franciscan Missionaries Sisters of the Sacred Heart - CMSWR

Founded 1861/Active

Locations: New York, New Jersey, Internationally in at least 20 countries

"...a religious institute dedicated to prolonging the Incarnation of Jesus Christ through the evangelization of culture."

Always ready to minister joyfully and remaining faithful to our littleness we carry the good news to all God’s people especially the elderly, poor, sick and the abandoned.

Our missionary spirit and charism is expressed in the constant and universal promotion of peace and good. As Franciscan Missionaries of the Sacred Heart our diverse ministries reflect the redemptive love of Christ and His divine plan.

In our ministries we walk in the footsteps of St. Francis who followed Christ by bowing before the suffering lepers.
I don't know if these sisters engage in every possible ministry, but the list is impressive:

Early Education
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Spiritual Retreats
Pastoral Ministry
Pastoral Care Ministry
Franciscan Prayer Groups
AIDS/HIV Ministry
Prison Ministry
Social Ministry
Pro- Life Ministry
Ministry to Sick
Human Concerns Ministry for the poor
-Food Bank
-Clothing Closet
Homeless Family Shelter Ministry
Health and Dental Clinic
Immigration Support
Elder Care
Social Justice

What I'm going to put when I need to label this for the auxillary "by Apostolate" page to this blog I can't say right this moment.  Um!
Back to the sisters:
Everywhere and in each place, and every season and each day,
the brothers and sisters are to have a true and humble faith,
From the depths of their inner life,
let them love,
honor, adore, serve, praise,
bless, and glorify our
most high and eternal God.”
(TOR Rule #9)

Remembering that Christ calls all of his followers to be missionaries and as Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart following in the Spirit and footsteps and of Francis and Clare of Assisi we invite you to join us in our journey as we “Go out into the whole world: proclaim the Good News to all creation." (Mk 16:15)

Spirituality: Franciscan TOR, Servant of God Fr. Gregorio Fioravanti OFM

Apostolates:  Good question.  What don't they do?  See list above.

Devotions:  I'm still not sure.  But you know they have them.

# of sisters: No idea.  But their presence in so many countries makes me believe they are a large organization. 

Ages of entrance: 18-60  (Yes, that's what it said!)  Neat, huh?
I think they welcomed three postulants this year (2013)

Sister Anne James Guerin, F.M.S.C.
Vocations Director
250 South Street
Peekshill, NY  10566-4419

Vocations email:  Franciscan Missionary Sisters 

You know I shouldn't mention this, but at least one of their communities has a dog, and I favor such.  Also, they have an entire section on prayers for blessing animals.  You have to like this order - well, I have to.
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