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Visitation of Holy Mary of Toledo

Visitation of Holy Mary of Toledo-- Main Site

Visitation of Holy Mary of Toledo -- IRL

Founded 1610, came to Toledo in 1915; Cloistered

Location:  Toledo, Ohio
Requested to relocate at the request of the Bishop, “the sisters should remain upon the mountain-top in prayer and sacrifice pleading for the salvation of souls, particularly those of the diocese, clergy, religious and laity.”

“The Religious of the Visitation, who are so happy as to observe their rules faithfully, may truly bear the name of Daughters of the Gospel, established especially to be imitators of the Sacred Heart of the Word Incarnate in His gentleness and humility. These virtues are, as it were, the foundation and basis of their Order, giving them the incomparable grace and privilege of bearing the title of Daughters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.” (St. Jane de Chantal)

Whatever we are asked to do — cook, sew, garden, clean — we seek to “offer our work as a living prayer as did the Virgin Mary in her home in Nazareth.”

This is the Visitation Coat of Arms, at left.

Mother Superior:  "the Monastery, which has the privilege of papal enclosure, is a trysting place – the place where God and I meet….It’s the garden enclosed where we can be with the Beloved, and be attentive to Him.”  (Vocation Blog)

Contemplatives in the Church through their union with God and their form of community life, they seek within the seclusion of the cloister to develop the bond of charity in and among themselves. Let nothing separate them from the heavenly Spouse who has united them together, nor from that union which can keep them united with Himself; so that having all but one heart and one soul, He Himself may be their only soul and heart.

Photo: A Nun professes solemn vows.

We do allow young girls and women who feel they may have a vocation to our way of life, to come and make a retreat within the enclosure. The retreatant lives in the Novitiate Dormitory and follows the novitiate schedule of prayer, study, work and recreation with the novitiate sisters.

Apostolate: Prayer

Spirituality: St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal, Sacred Heart of Jesus

Devotions: Traditional Habit; Divine Office (sung in choir); Spiritual reading (1/2 hour daily); Mental prayer (1 1/2 hour daily); Silence except in recreation; First Friday devotions; others

Ages upon entrance: 18 - 50
Belated vocations? No upper limit - it is at their own discretion, as they must balance the needs of the community

# professed nuns: 21 (three made solemn professions in 2013, and there are three in formation)

Vocation Directress
Monastery of the Visitation
1745 Parkside Blvd.
Toledo, Ohio 43607-1599

Email:  Visitation Nuns
Check this out:
  • Catholic Chronicle:   Visitation Sisters with a wonderful short video that I can't copy!  Go there to see it.
  • Facebook -- It is used "as a means of reevangelization--putting out into the deep--as well as making Salesian spirituality known. The page belongs to the Sacred Heart, His Mother and our Saints and it is up to them to write the page."  I would think you've never heard a Facebook page described thusly!

On Real to Reel:

The Nuns go on a pilgrimmage

Updated 11/23/13
They definitely have a dog.  No picture that I can find, though.  I call the Visitation Nuns "Sisters" about half the time.  Because.. just because.
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