Friday, August 7, 2009

Benedictine Sisters, Monastery of the Good Shepherd

Benedictine Sisters, Monastery of the Good Shepherd

Starr County Benedictines.

Many excellent links to Catholic sites on their website. For sisters living in a monastery, they seem to have lots going on! Very involved in pro-life activities.

Founded 1992; Monastic

A recent activity among the oblates has been studying and reflecting on the words of our late great Pope John Paul II in the Gospel of Life where he exhorts us to transform our culture into a “civilization of love.” His words have resonated deep in our hearts and this has brought about a great desire to impact our society with Gospel values concerning the sanctity of human life, from natural conception to natural death.

Our Benedictine

Dignity of Work
Communal Living
Conversion of Heart
Balance in Life
Reverence for all
of Creation

Spirituality: Benedictine, Monastic
Devotions: Divine Office (communal), Eucharistic Adoration (daily), Rosary (communal weekly), Desert Days (personal retreats)

Apostolates: Post-abortion healing retreats, other retreats (the general sort and specialized - such as for the victims of abuse), radio station (evangelization), mission work in Mexico (housing), assisting pregnant women in crisis

Location: Texas

Age upon entrance: 18-55
Belated vocations?: Unknown
# professed sisters: Unknown, smallish I think
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