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Daughters of Divine Love Congregation

 Daughters of Divine Love Congregation-- Main Site (actually, this is a development site), and I'm not sure they will have an English language website.  Or, their anticipated website link has been hijacked, because it comes up in another language.  The above link is good, though. 

Daughters of Divine Love (CMSWR)

Daughters of Divine Love (National Black Catholic Congress)

Daughters of Divine Love (UK website)

Founded 1969, Active
A Pontifical Order

Locations:  New York, Louisiana, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Oregon, Washington DC, and internationally in fourteen countries.

The Love of Christ Urges Us On

Love of Christ therefore is our motive and distinguishing mark.

 "We, the Daughters of Divine Love, an international congregation of religious women, impelled by the Gospel of Christ and the spirit of our founder are called to a courageous loving response to Divine Love Incarnate in contemplation, harmonious community living and apostolic action made visible in selfless liberating service to the entire creation."

Jesus I love you. I want to love you daily more and more.
Fill me with your love.
Soak me in your love.
Permeated and transformed by your love, may I radiate your love,
Diffuse your love and enkindle in others the fire of your love.
Mother of Divine Love, teach us how to love
 Our habit is comprised of white and blue materials – the colors of our Lady. We are called the “Blue Sisters”.

We thank God for the wonderful works He enables the Daughters to do, for they are not lacking in feeding the hungry; educating the poor; healing the sick; counseling the afflicted; visiting and evangelizing the needy and unchurched; giving voice to the voiceless; caring for the homeless, the abandoned and the lonely; and empowering the marginalized of our societies.

Spirituality:  Sacred Heart of Jesus; the Holy Spirit; the Infinite love of God;  the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Divine Love

Devotions:  Unknown

Apostolates: Rehabilitation (substance addiction); Healthcare; Education; Retreats; Evangelization; Catechesis; Childcare (developmentally and physically disabled); Prison and home visitation

# Professed sisters: 900+ worldwide
Entrance ages: 18+

Daughters of Divine Love
2601 North Sayre Avenue
Chicago, IL 60707 


Email:  Daughters of Divine Love 

Check this out:
Sisters in Nigeria singing, "Thank You Lord!"

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